Saturday, June 05, 2004

Met this totally cool girl today!

See, life is worth living for, at least for a few more years. Just met an awesome girl today while at work. This girl came up to the desk needing to download something onto her computer, but her computer's ethernet wasn't working, so she needed it on a disk. The computers at Brown do not have CD burners, and what she needed was bigger than what could be put on the obsolete floppy disks. The computer center at Brown was closed for the weekend, but luckily for this beautiful young lady, I had my trusty iBook with me, with a CD burner in tow, and was able to help her out. The conversation we had was just awesome. She just kept asking questions, probing-type questions that actually showed interest in me, of all people. I couldn't help but do the same. Ah, finally there is someone out there who seems, at least, to show some interest in me. Who knows what will become of this, as she has said she would stop by later on for visits, but for one day, this young lady has made me feel normal once more.


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