Saturday, June 05, 2004

Oh about the Date Last Saturday...

The date went pretty well, if only we were interested in each other. Boy if this girl that just showed up in my life just two hours ago was my date last Saturday, going to the places we went to, ah, this past week would have been heavenly!

It's not that things didn't go right, or I said the wrong things, but this girl (the date) didn't seem to show any kind of progressive interest in me, didn't want to get close to me. I'm at an age right now where I don't have time to waste anymore, or have the desire to waste time anymore, on dates, (especially when dating is getting more and more expensive), that do not give me some kind of satisfactory payoff. And I do not mean having sex. While sex is a great payoff at anytime, it's not long-lasting if the relationship is not set up properly.

Well, at the moment, I'm just hoping that I can see this girl I met today again, and be brave enough to ask her out. It seems like she actually finds me interesting. We shall see...


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