Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ayn Rand and Objectivists' View of Religion

how can this not be clear?

"Religion is a primitive form of philosophy, because it attempts to provide a theory of the nature of man, man's place in the universe, and a guide to human action. But religion admittedly has no rational basis, meaning: no basis at all. "Faith" is merely someone's assertion (without evidence) that something is true. As a "guide" to life, it couldn't be more dangerous. And it is becoming an increasing danger to Americans as the 21st Century approaches. The religious right's efforts to enforce religion and destroy our rights is all around us: laws preventing abortion and assisted suicide, censorship, school prayer in public schools, laws against homosexuality, laws mandating the teaching of "creationism."

and from

Can any sensible Mormon tell me why they would see this philosophy as one that can be combined with Christianity, especially with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the LDS Church?


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