Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Blog is not all Politics...

yeah, of late i have been posting a lot of political views, expressing my frustration with America still doggedly backing Mr. Bush. but there is more to my life than just politics.

I am now happily married to Annie and life is wonderful here in New York City. At work today, I was culling books from my section that haven't been looked at in a while, to make space for new books, and someone left a message on a scrap piece of paper in one of the books about Islam. the note said "you've noticed that most of the books are anti-Islam in the Islam section?" It was a bit sad to see that note, because of two reasons: 1. there are a lot of anti-Islam books, but what can really be done about that? there are a bunch of anti-Mormon books too. 2. this person didn't see that there were actually a lot of positive books about Islam in the collection. It's too bad Americans want a war with Islam, a clash of civilizations like Huntington wants.

so anyways, life is good....but now, back to more political stuff. ;)


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