Saturday, September 10, 2005

Objectivists View of Religion

Let this be clear, because I am so boggled as to why Mormons would agree to this philosophy, Rand's Objectivists, who view selfishness as a virtue.

Read the following

"What is the relation between religion and socialism?
Religion is hierarchically below than socialism; religion is a complete outlook of the world (it deals with more fundamental issues); socialism (as conventionally used) is concerned with politics/economics.

Religion -- a pre-philosophical outlook -- is a perfect philosophical base for socialism. The philosophical essentials of religion are as follows: in metaphysics religion holds to the supernatural and miracles (as opposed to reality and causality), in epistemology religion holds that the means of knowledge is revelation and faith (as opposed to reason and logic), in ethics religion holds to self-sacrifice or altruism (as opposed to self-interest and the pursuit of happiness)

The only result of such a philosophy as religion, is in principle identical to that of Marxist atheists: when carried out in principle it will lead to some form of collectivist, anti-capitalist politics."

So in other words, Capitalists view religion on the same vein as they view Communists. And for anyone who has read Rand's books, you know just how highly she views communism....

So, why do conservative Christians back a philosophy that views religion, especially Christianity with such disdain?


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