Friday, April 28, 2006

Medias, The Town of My Childhood

I love Medias, Romania. I really do. I have great memories of living there (none of my memories have my father in them; I think my mind has repressed those memories). I remember exploring the town by walking and taking the bus around. I lived on the north side of the river Mures and crossed over to the south side on a pedestrian bridge built to bring the poorer people who lived in apartment blocks on the north side across the river without having to walk all the way down to where the street bridge was, about half a mile or so up the river. I have a picture of that somewhere, and when i get a chance, i'll put it up here.

In any case, this guy on has taken a number of great pictures of Medias, and I wanted to put some up here. :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beautiful Mountain Drive

I just went on one of the most beautiful mountain drives that I've been on in a long time. Probably not since my drives to Alaska. I went up to the Shickshinny Lake region to see about a property we might be interested in buying and putting a house down on....i drove down this area. So beautiful!

yeah, i'd like a house next to the Lake Shickshinny. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brasov, Romania - My Favorite Town

Google Maps offers a satellite visualization of your map. They've improved on it so much, they now have it down quite close all around the world. This is my favorite town in Romania, called Brasov

This is the town I was born in, called Medias

Friday, April 21, 2006

Getting in Shape

Over the past three weeks, I've been steadily increasing my workouts from zero, absolutely none, zilch, nada, to running for 20 minutes at lunch at work, and then speed-walking in the evenings in town carrying 5-pound dumbells in each hand. These workouts have been good at loosening up my body. It is amazing just how stiff my body has been recently, even with going up and down the stairs to the subways in New York City! I remember at the start of my mission just how out of shape I was. My trainer, this 6'3" tall lanky, long-legged elder who ran cross-country, moved so fast! I know I lost like 50 pounds in the first three months on my mission! I came home off my mission pretty lean and fit. Close to the end of the mission, I played soccer with my fellow missionaries and some of the ward members in Ploiesti. We played for like 3 hours. At the end of it, everybody else was beat, some of the Romanians were laying on the ground getting a rest. Not to boast, but I still felt good, still felt energetic. My companion and I went home afterwards, showered up, and did some more missionary work that day.

I want to get back into that kind of shape.

To do that, what I have to sacrifice is time. Getting off of LDSLinkup was one of the best decisions. It was too bad that that was the way I did get off, but it was such a waste of my time, sitting there at my computer, eating sunflower seeds, drinking Dr. Pepper, and arguing politics with idiots from the other side of the political spectrum. No Linkup means that I no longer have to worry about how people responded to my latest post. It freed up some serious time. I still keep up my Thoughts on Politics, but now with greater thought put into it, and less concern about the response. It's beautiful. Also, I don't feel the need to always be there to watch the responses.

To get into shape I need to keep up the working out during lunch, which isn't that hard, and to continue the walking in the evening. That might be more difficult when the baby is born, in 2 weeks.....

But I'm on the right path. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Large Pyramid Found in Bosnia!

now this is cool, apparently a large pyramid was found in Bosnia, the first one found in Europe, and it is larger than the Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt!

Americans Are Fleeing Large Cities, as we did....

Americans fleeing nation's largest cities

We didn't plan on leaving New York City so quickly, but we had to with the addition of a baby in our family. But we would have left New York in any case, as we couldn't really afford a home there, even on two salaries. Now, out here in Pennsylvania, we can afford a home on just my salary....

Meanwhile, New York City continues to build massive new condominiums averaging at least half a million dollars for a one bedroom!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Terrible Floods Plague Romania

Romania is facing terrible floods due to heavy rains and melting snow coming down the Danube from Germany. I hope they are okay....some of those areas are very poor....

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Mine apparently is worth....

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Various Blogs

So now that I've left Linkup, for posting my thoughts I have several blogs. This blog will be my general thoughts, life, frustrations, etc, such as when our Friends DVD disc breaks just as we get to a really cool episodes.

Librarian Thoughts

As a librarian, I have created a blog to have a place for ideas and thoughts on my profession.

RHMD's Thoughts on Politics

This will be where I keep my feelings about politics. It can't be helped. I shouldn't have gotten the degree in International Politics from BYU....I'm now hooked.

My wife has a blog of her own too, for her thoughts. It is called Illuminations on Life, Love, and Liberty

Finally we created a blog for our thoughts on relationships and family called A & N: Eternal Companions

I hope to see you all at any of these blogs. I'm trying to expand out and read what others are writing.

Friday, April 14, 2006


My wife and I were enjoying going through Friends on DVD. We're in Season five right now, right in the middle. We just finished watching The One With Joey's Bag and we were excited about getting to the One Where Everybody Finds Out. I try to take the disc out of the container and.....THE DISC BREAKS!!!!! It broke in half! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

So has just made another $30 off of us. :(

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lost Update: Michael is Back!

ah i was wondering when he would show up again, but Michael, who went out and searched for his son, finally came back! the next episode looks awesome! apparently, according to Michael, the "Others" are not as powerful as they portray themselves. Which brings up a question....has Michael been brainwashed? Was he captured like Claire was in the first season, and then released back? Henry remains a mystery still (and likely will into next season). the cliffhanger for the end of this season will likely revolve around Walt again, and also more secrets revealed about the various hatches around the island.

What a great show!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Looking Forward to Getting "Lost" Tonight!

Lost questions and answers

I didn't think I would like this show when it first came on, which is why I only watched the last three or so episodes of Season 1 on TV. Having done that, I thought it was too harsh when the Others took Walt, and decided not to watch the season opener of the second season. But then I finally started watching the show, and now I'm drawn in, having downloaded from iTunes all the episodes to this point.

What a great show! How ingenious! It does a masterful job of connecting these characters's present circumstances on the island to events in their past. So what is going to happen tonight?

We shall see....

The Best Jobs in America

Money Magazine has just done a survey of the best jobs in America. Is your job one of the best?

Best Jobs in America

Librarians are on the list, but not in the top 50. :(

It's alright though; I think that my job is the best job I have had to this point. :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

For Rememberance....Vacation Location

So I'm downloading webshots pictures onto my desktop, and I came across this one

Image hosted by
© SuperStock, Inc.

Just a reminder to me about where to possibly go on vacation. :)


Monday, April 10, 2006

My Post-LDSLinkup Days...

I once again have left LDSLinkup, and I think this time it is for good. Jed (the owner) has a good website, but his rules and management are a bit medieval, so he won't get any good advertisement from me. It's a blessing in disguise though as I've been wanting to leave the site for a long time, but couldn't on my own. It was too fun talking politics there. And even though I got banned from the political board, on my friends board, I created a thread called "Thoughts on Politics" that went over 1000 posts!

I've been on that site for a year and a half, started posting in September, 2004, on the 13th with an awesome thread called "Why Is Osama Bin Laden Still Alive?" In its entirety, that thread got over 1300 posts and was quite polemic. That question needed to be asked, and still needs to be asked of the Bush Administration. Why is the person who attacked us (Osama Bin Laden) roaming free and the person who did not attack us (Saddam Hussein) sitting in a court room?

On Linkup, I posted the most out of anybody on the entire website, posting a total of almost 40,000 posts (just on the regular message boards) and probably another 1500 or so on the friends boards. Only one other individual came close to being as frequent of a poster as I was, and that was Douglas (aka Mavs, Go Mavs, etc). He probably posted a total of 35,000 posts, and he recently was kicked out of the website.

This is where my beef with Jed comes in. He's kicking people off his entire site for posts on the message boards, when he could easily just ban people from posting, so that they could still use the other more valuable functions on his site, such as collecting a list of all your friends in one place so it makes it easier to communicate with them. It's funny, because Jed is a pretty smart guy, graduating from Stanford and Harvard among other places, and is a millionaire entrepreneur, but yet he can't see something this easy....

In any case, I am very appreciative of the site, because that is where I met my wife. Yes, I found my love on the internet. We weren't attracted to each other as we were chatting online though; we were just friends. But one day, as I was living in Rhode Island and she in New York City, I decided to go down and visit the city. She showed me around, and I found that I was attracted to her. The rest is history. :)

That is perhaps why it has been difficult to leave the site, because of its importance in my life. I had waited for so long to find a good woman, and this site was the means to that end.

But now begin my post-linkup days.

In these post linkup days, I will keep up my political thoughts here on RHMD's Thoughts on Politics. This blog will be more for day to day things that I may feel like writing. I'll spend more time on creative things, such as stories or least I hope to be getting back into that. Creative blocks are a pain sometimes!

So that is that